Saturday, March 26, 2011

Anarchy in the OK - Dumpster Divin'

Levi and Toddy J star in the first episode of Anarchy in the OK. The folks at Delo Creative and Tate James filmed and edited this entertaining and tasteful (literally) segment. We had a blast filming and eating what we found that night. I had serious reservations about drawing this kind of attention to our lifestyle for fear of drawing competition and a crack down on us freegans by the stores and police. I trusted Tate though to keep all our spots anonymous and not make us look like a couple of idiots. The music by Brother Gruesome is a nice touch. Thanks Katie and Tate!

On a different note. I went to SXSW last week. Its pretty much a four day long buffet of free beer and free food. I wound up at Steve Maddens party and inadvertently table-scored a bottle of the shoe designers wine. I think I would have still taken it if I had known who Steve Madden was. He and his party had just left to go watch a band and there was like 3/4 of a bottle there at the table. What else could I do? After that my friend Tom suggested that I take some of the VIP salad home with me. Being drunk enough off the free wine Toms idea sounded like a really good one. So I grabbed the giant plastic bowl of romaine lettuce, gave the door man a nod and made my merry way out to 6th street with a couple pounds of salad. I ended up sharing a lot of it with hungry drunkards on the street, then spilling half of the bowl when i crashed my bike 2 blocks from home. Pretty much par for the course for a night at South By.

I got to check out The Antlers, Nicole Atkinson, Owen Pallett, Okerville river, Hurray For The Riff Raff, Dodos and a bunch of friends. Until next post. Happy dumpstering!

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