Thursday, May 6, 2010

Food Not Bombs OKC! They Made a Movie about Me!

Hey folks,
I have a couple things to share this spring besides all the free dumspster food that I have been collecting. Although Eating America has been silent since November I have been very busy dumpstering, distributing liberated food, and getting hassled by the cops.

OKC Food Not Bombs!

This is something I have been getting excited about and involved in. Folks at the Scissortail Social Space are organizing a local Food Not Bombs chapter and are having their first feed this Saturday. If you want to be involved join the facebook at the link above or better yet meet us at 30th and Walker Saturday at 7pm. This is a great way to redistribute all the food that is going to waste in our city.
If you have extra food to share you can also take it to Scissortail. They have a free store where there is usually some food or clothes or cassette tapes to take home. Check out the website and donate money if you feel compelled.
This is an awesome evolution of the OKC Infoshop. They have free internet, computers, coffee, radical lending library, and bike workshop, and concerts featuring local and touring musicians.

This Movie will be playing at the DeadCenter film Festival

I wonder if these guys read my blog. I doubt it, but their rules for dumpster diving seem very much like the ones I follow and have written about. Although each person has their own set of guidelines they dumpster by. I'm not nearly as eager to take meat out of the trash as these dudes. Occasionally there will be some nice looking lunch meat that isn't gooey and all puffed up. Once i found a case of JP Potter breakfast sausage still frozen in its original box. That is the condition meat should be in if I am going to take it home. Ill be curious to see what this film has to say about the cops and dumpstering.
Recently a friend and I were approached by a police officer as we were about to score some eggs and cabbage. He ran our IDs and told us we had an expired tag but didn't give us any crap about digging in the trash. In fact he told us of a place we could get free bread. I simply told him I couldn't afford to buy this kind of food so I opted to get It out of the dumpster. Lucky for us he was sympathetic to our position. I have heard stories of people getting arrested in other cities for dumpstering, but i think as long as your honest and respectful to the cops here in Oklahoma you won't get in trouble. My friend called the police station the next day to see what was on the books about dumpster diving and has a cop on record saying that its not illegal to take food out of the dumpster.
Thanks for reading its been a long time since I have blogged so here are a few shout outs. thanks Cody and Chris for giving me shit about not blogging in so long, thanks Tate for the shout out in The Apache House article, and that dude who yelled out "Toddy J Eating America!!" at the Evangelicals show at Norman Music Festival.